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Dr. Nicholas Kizy , DDS

Education and Credentials: Born and raised in the metro Detroit vicinity, Nicholas Kizy, DDS, embarked on his academic journey at Wayne State University, where he pursued a degree in biology and professional health sciences. He then advanced to the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School, earning his dentistry degree in 2016. It was during his tenure at dental school that Dr. Kizy discovered his deep-seated desire to aid underserved communities, leading him to participate in a significant week-long mission trip to Honduras, providing dental care to those in dire need.

Dr. Kizy is dedicated to delivering exceptional dental services to his clientele, continuously honing his expertise by partaking in ongoing education and targeted training. He is an esteemed member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, boasting specialized training in the use of Invisalign Aligners. Additionally, he has been awarded a certificate in socket preservation and grafting by the Garg Implant Institute, underscoring his commitment to enhancing oral health and aesthetics for his patients.

When not in the office, Dr. Kizy cherishes time with his family, exploring new destinations. An avid sports enthusiast, hockey ranks top among the sports he enjoys both watching and playing. He is also fond of the outdoors, especially relishing the scenic beauty of the local lakes during summer months.

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